No not Cabbages, although some may consider them to be so!

The C.A.B.A.G.E.S. are the Golfing group within Colinton Bowling Club.

In 1991 a group of the CBC bowlers decided to have a round of golf at Torphin G.C. Such was the bonhomie enjoyed that this became an annual event. A school jotter recorded the outings and is still in use today!

As events progressed, a name was required.
Colinton All-stars Bowling And Golf Edinburgh Scotland was born.

A May trip is planned each year, carefully avoiding the Scottish Cup Final date until it was concluded that neither Hearts nor Hibs were ever going to get there. Ironically when the trip is planned for this date, an Edinburgh team manages the feat!

Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Eire have suffered a CABAGE visit and each long weekend trip includes three rounds of golf.

All C.A.B.A.G.E. are inflicted with a unique golf handicap and The Champion golfer of the weekend wins the Willie Crichton Salver.

Each new applicant to the group has to go through a regular Thursday evening initiation ritual and must not be a member of the Temperance Society!

If you think you may be interested in joining, you can ask.

A C.A.B.A.G.E. logo on a golf polo shirt is earned and not awarded lightly!

Davy Legge

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