Colinton Bowling Club - Men Compete in the following competitions

  • Edinburgh Bowling Leagues (EBL) 1st XVI
  • Water of Leith (WoL) Leagues 2nd XII
  • West Edinburgh (WEBA) Leagues 1st & 2nd XVI
  • Scottish Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Under 25s
  • Edinburgh & Leith (E&LBA) Singles (Tait Trophy), Pairs, Triples, Fours, and Under 21s
  • E&LBA 1st XVI Trophy and 2nd XVI Trophy
  • E&LBA Millar Trophy
  • Top Ten Trophy
  • WoL Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and under 30s KO competitions
  • WEBA Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours KO competitions

Dress Code

  • Informal for internal club ties and 'bounce' games
  • Greys and whites for semi-final and final club ties
  • Greys and whites for all club league games and representative games (Club Polo top if majority in agreement)semi-final and final club ties

 Hat Day

Hat games are currently played on Monday. The Ladies Section and the Senior Section each play in the afternoon while a mixed hat game is played in the evening. In the Hat games each participant pays a small entry fee and their name is recorded. When their name is called out they pick a number from the hat that determines which rink they will play on, who they will play with and against. As this varies each time it is the best way to meet other members for a fun game and to learn from each other. The rink with the highest number of shots wins a small prize.

Lists on Boards

Lists are frequently displayed to allow members to enter their names for leagues, competitions and other events. Names should be appended ASAP to allow the draws to be made quickly. Anyone seeking a partner for a competition should put their name on the sheet provided for that purpose.

Top Ten

Players for this competition are chosen by a Selection Committee, elected by the members at the Bowling Meeting. The team consist of:-

1 Singles Player
1 Pairs team
1 Triples Team
1 Fours Team

This is a Knockout competition involving clubs throughout Edinburgh.

Top 5

This is a competition of 5 singles players. All 5 games are played on the green that is drawn as the home team.